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I'm a videographer and photographer based in Windsor, Canada. 

I fell in love with camera media while documenting art and performances.

Photo and video has let me fuse my passion for music and art into one discipline.

Arrangement, colour, sound, intensity, and emotion are combined into the practice

of storytelling. These foundations fuel my projects, and help me capture the

vision of my clients' ideas. 

Portraits, performance, branding, and much more. Let my 

experience with commercial and creative projects work with

your ideas. Together, we can capture something great.

Outside 4.png

Make an impactful visual statement.

Whether it is for promotional purposes, keepsakes, or

artistic explorations, a great video will elaborate your

vision. These stories deserve an engaging outlet.


I earned my MFA from the University of Windsor in 2017.

Specializing in photography, I use digital and print media to explore

themes of limbo, and uncertain transition.

Heavily informed by my time as a local musician, I look for moments

between phases. Unclear if these scenes suggest progression or regression,

I strive to explore their potential for better.

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